About Milwaukee Forge, Since 1913

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About Milwaukee Forge

Milwaukee Forge was started in 1913, providing High Quality Steel Forgings to customers in various industries. It has been at its present location since 1918 and has grown the customer base through expanding the types of forgings offered, outstanding quality and dependable service.

Milwaukee Forge has a well-known name within the forging industry, as well as among the industries we serve, including Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, On/Off Highway Truck, Power Transmission, Military, Railroad, Oil & Gas, Industrial Power Equipment, and Tier 1 Machine Shops.

Our customers are offered products such as gears, shafts, pinions, knuckles, spindles, spiders, yokes, king pins, sprockets, couplings, rings, covers, tie downs, nuts, valves, elbows, flanges, end caps, bearings, ground engaging tools, and many more.

We provide both short and medium size run quantities for our customers ranging in sizes from 2 pounds up to 100 pounds. All forgings are produced at our facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a customer of Milwaukee Forge, you will have the benefit of enjoying a long term and stable relationship, just ask any one of our 200 customers. Let us continue to exceed your expectations as we grow and expand our company for another 100 years.

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Over 100 Years of Forging Service

Vision: To be first with:
Forgings and Associated Services

Mission Statement:
First – FIRST with Employees, Customers, Craftmanship, Forgings and Associated Services.
O: Operating principles – OPTIMIZED to be both pro-active and reliable.
R: Market-centric mindset – be RESPECTED and RELEVANT to be attuned and ahead of industry needs.
G: Cultural drivers: Be GENEROUS and conduct ourselves with integrity.
E: Results-oriented: Be EXCEPTIONAL in all aspects in how we work and engage as the industry leader

Core Values:
– basic building block to build cohesiveness; the minimum requirement for growing our people and committing to their success. We treat each other with dignity and respect; with fair compensation and benefits.

Passion – passion drives resourceful problem solving.

Excellence – a notch above doing it right the first time.

Safety – “nothing more be said in a manufacturing environment.”

Quality – commitment to repeatable, predictable results and conformance to specifications.

Data Driven – quantitative methods to control processes and let the data speak.

Fun – today it is more difficult to separate work from play; fun people are engaged.

Forward Thinking – plan, anticipate what is coming at you.