Our Community Outreach

Our “purpose beyond the part” focus does not stop at our employees and customers. Community focus and involvement has been on display during our 110 years in the Milwaukee community. We continually strive to support local projects and causes. Some of our current activities include:

For questions, feedback, or requests for support, feel free to reach out to us; community hotline number at 414-489-7018, email us at community@milwaukeeforge.com. Or fill out the community contact form located at the bottom of this page.

Sound Reduction

Current Noise Reduction Projects

  • Planned Sound Barrier Installation: We will be installing NASA-developed sound dampening material along our fence line closest to our press building.  This should further reduce the neighborhood noise level by as much as 10 decibels.  We are working with the City of Milwaukee to finalize approval to undertake this project.  Anticipated completion mid-2024.

Completed Noise Reduction Projects

  • Install robot to eliminate the noise generated when billets are dumped into the bowl in preparation for the induction furnace. This was completed in November 2023.
  • Install ventilation fans at both the 2500- and 4000-ton presses to provide ventilation so the press shop doors do not need to be left open.
  • Pave the drive between the shipping doors and the doors going into the press shop to reduce noise created by fork truck traffic.

Community Contact Form