Custom Metal Forging

Custom Manufacturing of a Valve for the Oil/Gas Industry

Custom Manufacturing of a Valve

By Implementing a Flexible Inventory Solution

A customer in the oil and gas industry contracted Milwaukee Forge to produce a custom valve used in a pumping application. This project was an expedited request with an aggressive lead time, an area in which we excel. We are an able supplier of flexible business solutions for the oil and gas industry, stepping in to supply key components during times of critical demand. This forging was manufactured with 4130H steel utilizing our hammer and press processes. A tight tolerance of .030” was maintained throughout. Post production, valves were heat treated for added strength and longevity. Thorough testing and inspections were applied for ensured accuracy and integrity including weight checks, and hot and cold dimensional tests. 2000 units were finished in 1 week, and shipped to the customer in Oklahoma.

Customers with volatile demand levels have taken advantage of our inventory solutions program. We are able to meet crucial deadlines, offering just in time delivery, 5-day lead time, and consistent pricing. All products meet the most stringent industry standards. For more information about this custom valve forging, or our supply chain partnership capabilities, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Project Highlights

Product Description This forging is used in drive train components
Capabilities Applied/Processes


Heat Treat

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Hammer or Press
Tightest Tolerances .030
Material Used 4130H
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Weight Checks
Hot and Cold Dimensional Checks
Industry for Use Oil/Gas Industry
Volume 2000
Delivery/Turnaround Time 1 week
Delivery Location Oklahoma
Standards Met Customer Specifications, 3D Pro-E Drawing
Product Name Valve
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