Design & Manufacturing of Bevel Gear for Drive Train Assembly

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A customer in the racing industry required design assistance with a bevel gear, used as a component in a drive train assembly. The proactive and experienced engineers at Milwaukee Forge took on the challenge, designing and modeling the part using state of the art simulation modeling software.

Upon customer approval, the bevel gear was manufactured on-site utilizing 9310H alloy steel and our specialized forging process. 5,000 units were produced after a turnaround time of 3 weeks, and shipped to the customer in Illinois.

The engineering service available with Milwaukee Forge creates a partnership with customers, designing and developing their products to exacting specifications. This partnership continues throughout the manufacturing process from design to product realization.

Our expertise is also leveraged for production procedure analysis, helping to increase efficiency and lower operating costs. For more information about our professional engineering services, or this bevel gear design and manufacturing project, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Project Highlights

Product DescriptionDrive train components
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Design & Modeling
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartHammer or Press
Overall Part DimensionsConsolidated Parts
Tightest Tolerances.030
Material Used9310H
Material FinishForged/Raw
In Process Testing/Inspection PerformedVisual Inspection, Micrometer
​CMM for cold inspection
Industry for UseRacing
Delivery/Turnaround Time3 weeks
Delivery LocationIllinois
Standards MetCustomer Specifications
Product NameBevel Gear