Drop Forging vs Press Forging

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Differences Between Drop Forging and Press Forging

Metal forging is the method of manipulating metal into a certain shape. This is commonly done through one of two methods, drop forging and press forging.

Drop Forging – With drop forging (also called hammer forging), the metal billet is inserted into the die and hammered with multiple blows. This process continues the billet is shaped into form. Drop forging can be operated both at high or room temperatures, and tongs are generally required.

During this process, the surface layers of the metal are manipulated into shape. However, the center area of the metal will stay relatively un-deformed. Draft angles are often utilized more in this process than with press forging. The initial cost set up is also less than that of press forging, but production rates can become more costly as volume increases.

Press Forging – Press forging uses a slower and continuous pressure to shape metal into a certain shape. So instead of using multiple hammer blows to manipulate the billet, this method uses a singular compression. Like hammer forging, press forging can also be done at high or low temperatures.

With press forging, the metal is shaped in a uniform way from the surface to the center. This means the impressions created are cleaned and the end product is generally stronger. Tongs are usually not required, and draft angles are not as frequently used. Initial setup costs are also higher with press forging, but the method becomes more cost effective as volume increases.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of Hammer Forging
– Lower initial setup costs
– Faster process

Cons of Hammer Forging
– Only shapes the surface of the workpiece
– Strain rate more difficult to control

Pros of Press Forging
– More cost effective for higher volume runs
– Deforms the complete workpiece (not just the surface)
– Strain rate can be controlled easier

Cons of Press Forging
– Higher setup costs
– More time-consuming process

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