Manufacturing of a Cam for Construction Equipment Application

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At Milwaukee Forge we’ve been providing customized flexible forging solutions to customers in a range of industries for more than 100 years. In the project profiled here, we were commissioned by a customer in the construction industry to manufacture a cam used in a construction equipment application.

We were able to meet the required production levels for every stage of this product’s market lifespan due to our ability to provide both hammer and press forging services – a broad and unique capability. Unlike other companies that focus on one forging option, our full service capabilities enable us to be true partners with customers throughout the lifecycle of their product.

New products starting out in the marketplace with lower volume expectations benefit from hammer forging during market introduction. As production grows we offer closed press die impression forging for a less expensive, higher volume solution. When the product moves into service production it is a seamless switch back to hammer forging. Our “cradle to the grave” supplier advantage eliminates costly production migrations for customers with dynamic and shifting needs. Production volumes for the cam were 200 introductory hammer forged units, followed by 5000 press forged units, and 50 service production units, delivered with JIT shipments.

Our forged products meet the highest quality standards, instilling customer confidence with a supplied certificate of conformance, and PPAP methods. Milwaukee Forge is dedicated to providing superior customer service while offering continuously evolving and improving manufacturing capabilities. For more information about this cam forging project or Milwaukee Forge’s supply and manufacturing solutions please contact us directly.