Forging Applications in the Construction Industry

At Milwaukee Forge, we serve the construction and heavy equipment industries with unmatched quality and reliability. From excavators and dump trucks to loaders and bulldozers, our team can help create dependable forgings to withstand the harsh conditions of daily construction.

Forged Parts for Construction & Heavy Equipment Partners

Instead of using cast parts for heavy machinery, we highly recommend using stronger forged parts. While upfront costs are higher, forged parts provide greater overall strength and durability. This results in less need for repair, and a longer lifespan – which saves money and valuable time down the road. At Milwaukee Forge, our goal is to provide high quality forged parts for your construction machinery. These forged parts include:

Agricultural Equipment Improved with Forged Parts

A few examples of construction equipment that can be improved with forged parts include: Excavators, Dump Trucks, Scrapers, Skid-Steers, Loaders, Bulldozers, Trenchers, and Graders. 

Why Milwaukee Forge?

Since 1913, we at Milwaukee Forge have focused on providing excellent customer care, on time delivery and high product quality. Contact us or learn more about how we can help your agricultural operation.