What is Press Forging?

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Closed-Die Press Forging Explained

Press forging is a method of forming a piece of metal into a specific shape by applying gradual pressure on a shaped die holding the metal. In closed-die press forging, the metal is completely enclosed in a die and pressure is applied on the die. Compared to open-die press forging, closed-die is an overall more efficient method with lower chance of error.

With press forging, the metal is shaped in a uniform way from the surface to the center. This means the impressions created are cleaned and the end product is generally stronger. Tongs are usually not required, and draft angles are not as frequently used. Initial setup costs are also higher with press forging, but the method becomes more cost effective as volume increases.

Compared to drop forging, press forging has the advantage of being more cost effective for higher volume runs, and also results in a stronger workpiece. It also retains the strength benefits of forging compared to casting.